At Gigabyte Technology, we offer a vast talent pool of certified professionals from various industries who will work dedicatedly for you. Unlike freelancers, dedicated virtual employees work exclusively for you and have absolute control over the workflow and methodologies. Gigabyte Technology is the preferred choice because:
  • We have an abundant candidate pool Come, explore an expensive candidate pool, handpick the right employee in your domain. From single virtual employee hiring to building an entire virtual team, the choice is yours.
  • We are cost-effective Partner with us and enjoy quick Virtual hiring with ZERO upfront and additional fees. Just pay only for the virtual employee you hire, and no hidden fee or setup cost.
  • We provide 24/7 assistance You can assure the 24/7 availability of your virtual employee with us, regardless of your time zone. The employee will be assisted by a team of IT professionals.
We are a full-service offshore staffing company, allowing clients to hire a dedicated virtual employee to work exclusively for them at our state-of-the-art facility. At Gigabyte Technology, we will be responsible for hiring the right candidate for your requirements, irrespective of your domain or specialisation required. Furthermore, we provide them with high-end IT resources and a working environment in compliance with the international standard. We take care of everything so your virtual employee can give the best. Also, we manage payroll.
We have access to India’s large talent pool, allowing us to choose the right fit for your requirements. If you need to make specialised hiring, our recruitment team becomes your HR team and works towards meeting your needs. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects. We have a dedicated in-house team of experienced IT professionals to back your virtual employee with all required resources. Schedule a free consultation to discuss with our experts.
At Gigabyte Technology, we provide you with a dedicated virtual employee that works exclusively for you as per your methodologies. Unlike freelancing and outsourcing, we don’t interfere with your workflow but make sure it goes smoothly without interruption. You will get complete control over your virtual employees’ performance. Furthermore, the level of transparency and data safety is better with us than outsourcing firms or freelancers. We also provide a free trial to assess the resources and adjust before making an informed decision.
If you hire virtual employees from India, and particularly from Gigabyte Technology, it will offer substantial cost savings and increase productivity. Offshore hiring from India provides businesses with rich talent at a significantly lower cost than developed countries like the USA and Canada.
Currently, we are offering dedicated SEO experts, PPC experts, Content Writers, and dedicated virtual assistants. Whether you need just one resource to back your team or are looking to set up an entire team virtually, Gigabyte Technology provides access to a vast talent pool of millions of skilled professionals in India.

The offshore hiring process is relatively straightforward and similar to hiring an employee locally. Our recruitment team will approach you, understand your requirements, find candidates, and set up an initial interview.

If everything goes well, shortlisted profiles will be shared with you to conduct further discussions and interviews. In case you have any aptitude tests or anything else, our IT team can arrange a virtual test. Once you finalize a candidate, our recruitment team will provide initial training and ensure smooth onboarding.

When you hire a virtual employee from Gigabyte Technology, it is pretty much like working with your own employee. You will get complete ownership of work & performance. Your virtual employee at our facility will work dedicatedly for you on your methodologies. Our IT experts can make adequate arrangements if you think productivity is low and need specific communication software or tracking software. Furthermore, our HR team will closely work with you and monitor your offshore’s activities and behavior to ensure on-premises ethics.
We have an in-house talent acquisition team that thoroughly searches, screens, and interviews to shortlist the right candidate that better fits your job description. With extensive experience and a huge candidate network, we ensure quality hiring in every domain.
Unlike outsourcing companies, we don’t take over the project management job. Instead, we provide 100% control over your virtual employee. You get exclusive ownership of your team’s workflow, process and methodologies they follow. Furthermore, you can hire a dedicated project manager too.
Yes, definitely we can do this. In the first place, our HR team will provide onboarding instructions, initial training, and inductions on your behalf. Afterward, our IT team will create a virtual set up to help you conduct online training for your virtual employee or team at our facility.

With Gigabyte Technology, you will enjoy the ease of scalability. We have a big team of ready-to-hire virtual employees. You can get connected, interview candidates, and hire within 8-hours. However, if you need a virtual employee with specific specialization, expertise, and other requirements, our versatile talent acquisition team will come into play. With access to India’s rich talent pool, our team will find the right candidate based on your requirements.

Also, we offer a free trial for specific roles to assess employees before any informed decision. You will enjoy complete ownership of your employee and other exclusive services, but if you still need to discontinue services with your virtual employee, just leave us an email and not other documentation. Your employee will be rolled out after the required notice period.

Though we provide complete ownership of your virtual employee and team, if the employee is not performing well, notify our HR team, we will come up with the best solution. If things don’t work even after a final call, we will provide a replacement at no additional cost.
Your virtual employee will work on our payroll. Our HR will manage taxations and mandatory deductions as per labor laws and release their salary accordingly. You will just get a monthly invoice, and we will manage the rest to rescue your stress.
Yes, you can connect with your employee whenever you want. Whether you need to connect with your virtual employees over weekends or want them to work outside office hours, just notify our HR teams, and we will make arrangements. There are certain overtime charges that you need to pay to make your employee work outside office hours.
We have all modern communication, project management, and tracking software at our facility. However, if you need specific software, such as QuickBooks, AutoCAD, MS Office, Adobe Pro, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and so forth, you will have to pay the license fee and our IT experts will arrange that for your virtual employees.
We understand the significance of data protection and take effective data security measures. Since we work as an offshore extension of your business, we have taken adequate measures to strengthen on-premises security measures to protect all clients’ deals, data, and confidential information. Moreover, if you want your employee to work or comply with specific compliances or tools, our IT team can also make arrangements for those. Our data security measures are the key differentiator, making data theft or breach impossible. Learn more about how we control data protection at Gigabyte Technology.
At Gigabyte Technology, we work on a pre-paid model in which your invoice is raised and shared before the beginning of each month. You will get a detailed breakdown of every expense.
Perhaps, the best benefit of hiring virtual employees from Gigabyte Technology is that you don’t have to pay any setup fee. We are a premier offshore staffing company helping clients hire offshore employees or build an entire virtual team at ease with zero setup fees.