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Hire Dedicated Virtual Assistant for Efficient Workload Management

Hire a dedicated Virtual Assistant and enjoy up to 78% reduction in workload and smooth business process. Harnessing India’s most diverse and emerging talent pool, we can find you a virtual assistant who will take care of all tedious yet crucial tasks, allowing you to focus on the core business values. Juke like a Personal Aide, a virtual assistant will take over your administrative, specialized, and technical tasks remotely.

Whether you are a CEO, business coach, or manager, you can hire a dedicated virtual assistant to simplify your delegate tasks and speed up your productivity. At Gigabyte Technology, we have a large pool of dedicated virtual assistants with diverse experience across various industries and profiles. So, you can build your team with desired candidates!

With a dedicated virtual assistant, you get complete ownership and can go straight to the source, eliminating the project manager or middleman from creating a mess. Ready to work freely with efficiency? Hire Dedicated Virtual Assistant in India - starting from $999/month. Request a free trial now or call us to learn more!

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Hire Virtual Assistant In Any Domain

Are you looking to hire a virtual assistant in real estate or need to hire someone with expertise in the healthcare sector? We can help. With Gigabyte Technology, you can hire a dedicated virtual assistant of your choice, meeting your budget and goals. We have a vast talent pool of highly talented virtual assistants with 360-degree experience. Virtual assistants in the following industries are readily available.

  • Finance & Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Aviation
  • Legal Advisory
Why Us

Get Exclusive Benefits with Gigabyte Technology Virtual Assistant

Hire a dedicated virtual assistant from India and shift your focus from busyness to business that meets or exceeds your goals. We work as your offshore office in India, providing your virtual assistant with top-notch resources at our state-of-the-art facilities.

With access to India’s 8.15% graduates and 46 million postgraduates, our HR team will indeed find a virtual assistant that works to simplify your business process and give you an edge. With a range of exclusive benefits appended below, a virtual assistant is far better than outsourcing.

Zero Infrastructure Cost

Hire dedicated virtual assistants from India and enjoy reduced overheads, infrastructure costs on IT systems and supplies.

No Training Expenditure

With access to the immense talent pool, we allow you to handpick virtual assistants as per your talent, skill, and business requirements.

Better Scalability

Scaling up and down is a matter of minutes. Gigabyte Technology enables you to continue or discontinue your dedicated virtual assistant is just an email.

Solid Data Security

When you hire a dedicated virtual assistant with us, you get complete control over the workflow, management, and data safety measures.

Strengthening Core Business

Your virtual assistant will always assist you in day-to-day administrative tasks and technical support to ensure efficient workflow.

Maximum Cost Savings

Hire a dedicated virtual assistant and reduce your infrastructure, training, and other expenses by up to 78%.


Hire Dedicated Virtual Assistant Fast


In today’s hectic and ever-evolving marketplace, time is money, and we save you both. Trusted by thousands of leading CEOs and business leaders, we are an offshore staffing solution company. Whether you need one for back-end support or someone to reduce your workload, you can hire a dedicated virtual assistant straightaway and get onboarding within 8-hours. Hiring a virtual assistant with Gigabyte Technology goes expeditiously in 5 easy steps.

  • Brief Your Requirements
  • Get Profiles
  • Shortlist Candidate
  • Interview
  • Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cap on flexibility when you hire a dedicated virtual assistant from Gigabyte Technology. We will hire someone who will dedicatedly work for you, when you want and how you want. In fact, you will get complete ownership and transparency of methodologies, approaches, and workflow.
We understand the roles & responsibilities of a virtual assistant. Therefore, we find candidates who will, willingly, be ready to help whenever you need them. You can connect to your Virtual Assistant via Skype, email, or any other method of your choice. We will arrange that tool or software at our advanced facilities.
A virtual assistant manages all your day-to-day tasks to streamline operations and reduce workload. Whether you want to respond to client emails or schedule meetings, they will manage it all. If you are looking for a virtual assistant to handle specific tasks, our recruitment team can hire someone that meets your needs.
Yes. When you hire virtual assistants from our candidate pool, we give you complete control over their workflow, performance, and working hours. You can customize their week-offs, working hours to better merge with your working culture or requirements.
A virtual assistant is entirely safe, especially when you hire it from Gigabyte Technology. We are one of the few companies with a solid data security system and guidelines. In addition to on-premises safety control measures, we adhere to country-specific data safety compliances. Furthermore, we sign NDA with every candidate.
Here at Gigabyte Technology, we are concerned about both cost and time efficiency. We help you hire a dedicated virtual assistant at competitive rates with no additional or upfront fees. Moreover, we don’t charge any setup fees. Just brief your requirements, shortlist candidates, and get started at a monthly fee.